Patrick Ryan.

Seminarian Information

Fun Facts

Vocation Story

I grew up in a Navy family, and my dad was stationed in Virginia for most of my childhood. After college, I began working as a civilian engineer for the Air Force in Albuquerque. During that time, I slowly fell in love with the Catholic faith that I grew up with, and one day, I felt called like a thunderclap to serve the Archdiocese of Santa Fe as a priest. This took me by complete surprise–I never thought about the priesthood once as a kid. But never have I felt more purpose, meaning, or joy than in the path that I am on today.

Who or what inspires you to be a priest?

I am inspired to be a priest by my dad, who first showed me what it means to be a father.

Why Santa Fe?

I fell in love with God and with His people in New Mexico.