Michael Villavicencio.

Seminarian Information

Fun Facts

Vocation Story

I grew up in a faith-filled home with love for God and the Church. I was steeped in faith from the beginning and my years of being homeschooled cultivated my openness to discerning the priesthood. After learning about St. Vincent de Paul, I felt the desire to serve the people of God in the same way that he did in his priestly ministry: caring for the poor and children in need.

Who or what inspires you to be a priest?

My first pastor, Msgr. Richard Olona. He was always so present to the community and encouraged me to keep being an altar server as a way to grow in my love for the Mass. Being up close at the altar, I saw in him this love for the Church and his flock, which heavily influenced my desire to serve the Church in the same way. He was the priestly example I needed at an early age to consider the call to become a priest.

Why Santa Fe?

I love the culture and faith that the people of God bring to one another in this Archdiocese. I have come to love and appreciate the local Church of Santa Fe as I continue my formation. They have always been supportive and are always looking out for each other, a truly beautiful example of what Church is all about. I am also very grateful for the infectious joy that the priests in the Archdiocese bestow upon the people of God that is so unique; they are great examples for me in my formation.