Martin Umeatuegbu.

Seminarian Information

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Vocation Story

My desire to be a priest has its foundation in my rich Catholic family spiritual and educational background as a graduate of Philosophy and Theology/Religious studies. This background made me believe that everyone has a moral and spiritual gene of holiness deep within, and that the Lord wills my fulfillment in sanctity as His priest. This has been deepened in my present formation at the Pontifical North American College, Rome, in my diploma in Mysticism at the Universidad Católica de Santa Teresa de Jesús, Ávila (Spain), and my present pursuit of Licentiate studies with specialization in Spirituality at the Pontifical Angelicum University, Rome. My relational devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Saints also shaped my priestly desire.

Who or what inspires you to be a priest?

I am inspired by the lives of saintly priests like Damien of Molokai and Thomas Byles of the Titanic ship, especially the sacrifices they made risking their lives for souls to be saved. These holy men remind me that the priesthood is a call to sacrifice one’s time and talent for God and His people.

Why Santa Fe?

I desire to be a priest for Santa Fe for three reasons: because of the rich Catholic history she has, because of great need for priests, and because she is named after the First Theological virtue – Santa Fe (Holy Faith).