Deacon Ryan Thomas Stoer.

Seminarian Information

Fun Facts

Vocation Story

While I was in college at NM Tech, my parents moved from New Mexico to Jackson, Mississippi. Upon graduation, I accepted a nuclear engineering offer in Charleston, SC. My mother had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and the Charleston position required a security clearance which would take months to secure, so I could spend those months with my mother in Jackson. While there, a priest during confession suggested that I might have a vocation to the priesthood. This led to my decision to enter seminary to test my vocation in Mississippi, instead of taking the job in Charleston.

Who or what inspires you to be a priest?

The example of Jesus healing the blind man in John 9. Jesus opens the man’s eyes to reveal himself. The ordained priest continues that ministry to bring Christ’s healing and encounter. Ultimately, he speaks truth into the darkness and gives love to all the areas marred by sin. He does that through commitment to prayer, the sacraments, and preaching. A priest at the seminary I attend exemplifies this. He wakes up early every morning, goes to the chapel, and prays his holy hour. After over fifty years of priesthood, he remains faithful to Jesus and it shows in his preaching, in how he celebrates the sacraments, and in how he loves all he meets, in particular, in how he has loved me. He has modeled Jesus to me and brought me to him. I hope to do the same for others.

Why Santa Fe?

While I was studying for the Diocese of Jackson, some friends invited me back to New Mexico for a visit. During that visit I felt a sense of home and purpose. This peace led me to transfer to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. I’m now gratefully serving as a deacon in the Archdiocese where I entered my adulthood and where I am among friends and family.